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DRAFT Meeting Notes


Carnwath Road Riverside Community Liaison Working Group (CLWG)

Date and time:

Monday 23 November 2015 @ 19.00


The Thomas’s School Fulham, Hugon Road, London, SW6

Meeting purpose:

Community Liaison Working Group (CLWG)


Project staff:

  1. 1  Ben Green (BG), Delivery Manager, Tideway

  2. 2  Chris Stratford (CS), Stakeholder and Consents Manager, Tideway

  3. 3  Richard Tucker (RT), Senior Project Manager, Tideway

  4. 4  Andy Alcock (AA), Construction Manager, Tideway

  5. 5  Jodi-Ann Pastorino (JP), Communications Executive (West), Tideway

  6. 6  Richard Gethin (RG), Community Relations Manager, BMB

  7. 7  Jordan Newell (JN), Public Affairs Officer, Tideway

  8. 8  George Lock (GL), Project Manager, BMB

  9. 9  Lucie Killick (LK), Administrative Support, Tideway

  10. 10  Sharon Clow (SC), HR Manager, BMB
    Welcome by BG:
    BG introduced the third Carnwath Road Riverside CLWG meeting, recognising the large turnout and representatives of community groups.
    Advised the initial purpose of the evening was to decide on a Chair and the members of the Carnwath Road Riverside CLWG.
    Advised that an independent film production company was in attendance, filming a documentary about the Tideway project.
    Main questions and concerns
    Work is now planned to take seven years, is work to be 24 hours a day for that seven-year period?
    BG – The work is planned for six years and approximately two-and-a-half to three years will be 24 hours a day, as stated on our website. The purpose of the evening was to explain the works.
    Welcome from Carnwath Road Coalition (CRC) Core Group Member:
    Stated that there were Sands End Ward Councillors in attendance, three Councillors from Parsons Green and Cllr Lisa Holman was there on behalf of the Council leader.
    The CRC member also outlined the concerns of the audience.
    Voting for the Carnwath Road Riverside CLWG Chair:
    CAR member requested for nominations for the Chair to be put forward. CAR member nominated Ann Rosenberg (AR) and a majority show of hands voted AR to be Chair.
    A member of Arhag Housing Association wanted to make sure his residents have a voice. He has had contact with Tideway and feels it is important the group has a balance of views:
    CLWG Carnwath Road Meeting Notes 1


Chair agreed and said the group needed to set goals and objectives. This involves getting answers to issues involving inconvenience, traffic, pollution, health and well-being of residents. The aim of the group would be to give residents a voice at meetings.

A resident living in Carnwath House, close to Wandsworth Bridge, mentioned she wanted to make sure she is not forgotten about:
Chair said to provide contact details, email/telephone number and added that issues would have an effect on everyone in Carnwath Road and Parsons Green.

A resident living in the area said there were differences of opinion in the community. It is important everyone is represented:
Chair said that they are one community and have different points of interest; the committee needs representatives from different streets who have different views. Everyone has a right to be represented. Chair said all were welcome to attend the meetings as everyone is impacted and as a community they should work together.

Chair advised they were planning to have a drop-in session at Paggs on 7 December at 7pm.

Tideway presentation by BG, Tideway:

Key Topics / Concerns:

  1. 1  Key concerns for residents were noise and air quality.

  2. 2  Continuous air quality monitoring is taking place. Noise monitors are installed at Philpot Square
    and were commissioned in the middle of May. Monitoring will take place before and during work
    (24-hour monitoring).

  3. 3  Noise monitoring as well as wind speed and direction monitoring will also be 24 hours a day.

  4. 4  BG advised his slides can be emailed to anyone interested.

  5. 5  A resident suggested the slides could be published on the website. BG agreed this was possible.

  6. 6  BG continued that fine dust monitoring would take place, with monitors installed prior to the start
    of works and throughout.
    Main Questions / Issues Raised regarding noise and air quality monitoring:
    Why does the line on the graph showing our current air quality monitoring appear to be increasing? And will the noise levels increase with construction?
    A resident said the graph may be indicating increased levels of pollutants since the start of construction on Carnwath Road (St James development).
    BG confirmed levels have to be provided to the Borough as part of the plan and if levels are exceeded, work may have to stop. Work should be managed to not exceed levels. Concerns of residents are understood.
    Can assurances be given that figures are authentic / accurate?
    BG - data has to be collected and shared with the Borough for analysis.
    Was the data collection independent?
    BG - this is sub contracted, and shared with the Borough.
    The data could be made to look how Tideway wants:
    BG - the Council gets the data, which is checked and validated.
    A resident asked what would happen if the levels were exceeded?
    BG - work would stop until measures were in place.
    How can Tideway compensate for someone’s health?
    CLWG Carnwath Road Meeting Notes 2

BG - it was not in the interest of Tideway to affect the health of residents or workers.

When talking about air quality which parameters are used, London or Europe? Which air quality measurement will be taken?
Chair intervened and asked for questions to be kept at the end.

BG - monitoring of the river wall will be undertaken, bi-weekly throughout the works. This is structural monitoring.

A resident advised the principal concerns of the residents are HGVs and traffic movements around the whole area. Does Tideway have a commitment in place to limit HGV or other vehicles using Carnwath Road to Wandsworth Bridge Road? Can there be a limit or can traffic be eliminated going north and to use southern end?

BG – We are looking at the possibility of restricting or eliminating HGV movements northwards of the junction.

Tideway is looking at ‘all by river’ - to bring materials in by river and remove spoil away by river. We are now committed to moving 50% of the concrete segments by barge, but we are working on trying to get as much material as possible moved by river.

BG added that no construction vehicles will drive past any schools in the local area. Detailed traffic management plans will be submitted to LBHF and agreed with TfL for vehicles and goods that cannot go by river.

BG added that Tideway would be moving the main site entrance from its current location to just west of Peterborough Road, to move away from the junction and adding a pull in ‘wait area’ within the site, so no construction vehicles would be waiting on Carnwath Road.
Video cameras have been used to survey traffic in a 12-hour period on 24 September 2015 on Carnwath Road as part of the assessment process.

BG provided information about hoarding around the site, which would act as noise barriers. The external appearance designs will be agreed with the community.

The details of this would be discussed at the future CLWG meetings.

Plans / Timescales:

BG stated the initial plan was to take over the eastern part of the site in late July. Now Tideway is looking to start work on the western part after Easter, allowing us to start/complete the work earlier.

We will be carrying out river wall work to strengthen the river wall and a campshed may be used to offload materials when the tide goes down.

Construction Phase:

There will be 24-hour working for approximately two and a half to three years, which should be contained within an acoustic shed.

Trigger Action Plans (TAPs) are being discussed with residents on a one-to-one basis to provide mitigation against noise.

Tideway Legacy:

BG added some detail about the Tideway Legacy and the benefit to the overall community.
This includes improvements to facilities at South Park, including new changing rooms, toilets and café, both temporarily and permanently.

CLWG Carnwath Road Meeting Notes 3


Main Questions/Issues Raised:

Resident concerned that Tideway will be taking homes and jobs away, not benefiting the area.

Sharon Clow added that Tideway is looking to work with the community and that jobs and apprenticeships are available. She invited residents to speak to her after the meeting if they were interested.

Chair interrupted BG’s presentation at this stage to advise that a series of pre-raised questions would now be outlined.

The strength of concern has not subsided. Information should not be limited to 250m from the site. It should be extended to the whole of the South Fulham area. Will Tideway extend the reach to encompass the whole community?
BG - The notification for this meeting was a radius of approximately 250m from the site. Tideway would discuss with the CLWG.

The Tideway CEO said a year ago all movements would go by barge, however that is not what the website says. It says there will be up to 90 HGV movements a day. Is the website correct? Why have the Chief Executives promises not been followed up?
BG - Yes, Tideway is actively working on this with the contractors. We have issued instruction to our contractors to see how much can be moved by river.

The website states that there could up ‘up to’ 45 HGV’s into the site per day during the peak of construction, which means 45 HGV’s into the site per day during the peak of construction. That means 45 HGV’s in and 45 HGV’s out, so it’s 90 HGV movements per day.

What is stopping 100% of materials coming by barge?

BG - The issue is around the level of barge movements on the river, how many barges can get under a bridge during peak times, etc. These issues are being assessed.

There are nine world-class construction companies on this project, why was river movements not included in the tender document? The tender has to go via the EU, why were waterways not included and the requirements met
BG - the Tender document did say most elements would be moved by river. Tideway is now looking at the detailed work to see what additional river movements could be included.

A resident added there is no chance of getting 100% of movements by barge on to the river, as at times there is a low tide and 100% is just not realistic.

Has permission been given to widen the road junctions and to spend £5m to change the intersection at Carnwath Road/Wandsworth Bridge Road?
BG – We are looking at safety measures to improve the junction for Tideway works. However, there have been meetings with the Borough and TfL to make a wider improved junction. Plans are being developed.

What is the health impact for 4,500 children in the immediate area, with five schools? What are the effects on the children from noise, air pollution and vibration, 90 lorry movements and damage to sleep patterns?
BG - Tideway understands the concerns. Previous projects like this have been undertaken in other areas without adverse impacts on health. Our work will be designed and constructed well to avoid such issues. Tideway would be monitoring noise and dust within the approved limits and agreed with the Council. Noise limits are set and agreed to mitigate the risk to residents. If there are problems work would be stopped and any problems put right.

CLWG Carnwath Road Meeting Notes 4


A resident put the idea to the meeting that the community works with the Council to ensure independent monitoring is carried out.

Have barge movements and consultation with Chelsea football ground taken place too, as they will have a lot of work/HGV movements also?
BG - Not sure if this has happened, it needs to be done in consultation with the Council and TfL as part of approving our Traffic Management Plans.

What are thought to be the knock-on effects of this work, what studies have been carried out? Why has there been no study of Wandsworth Bridge Road?
BG advised yes, TfL has a traffic management plan and on-going liaison with the local Borough. It is a co-ordinated effort. A specialist sub-contractor has been appointed to look at a traffic model and this information can be shared.

Chair advised questions will continue at the next meeting and meetings should be monthly or every three weeks to discuss issues further.

A resident mentioned meetings should not be Carnwath Road only. Social housing has been ignored. This needs to be the whole community.
Another resident said only people living right next to the shaft are the people that should be concerned, not those living further afield.

A resident mentioned how haphazard this whole process is. The CLWG needs to have focus and voices need to be heard. The point is it is a working group and not a public meeting: Chair stated this is an opportunity to hold Tideway accountable, to ask for information and to feed it back. She said that in future the meetings would be working groups, not public meetings. She added that she had an independent structural engineer who has agreed to look at mitigation offers.

A resident stated that all these questions are pre-arranged so the process is flawed. As a Landlord, he had not been consulted with so the process is flawed:
Chair advised each Housing Association can have a representative and it will be open and democratic. Want to have as many people attend meetings and all under one roof.

Resident feels abandoned by council leaders, where is the MP? There is a new council leader but he is not here. Sands End Ward has been abandoned. The Community Infrastructure Levy, mentioned in the minutes from the last meeting refers to Section 106, how much was this?
BG - £4.75 million was paid to the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Council.

Is there anything Tideway can do to give the community money directly in trust to build something for them not via the Council? What can be given back and what can the Legacy be? BG - the process by how Section 106 money is spent has to be transparent. Tideway has to work with local groups such as ‘All Residents in Sands End’ (Arise), ‘Sands End Enterprise Development’ (SEED), Friends of South Park etc. to bring benefits to the local community. South Park toilets and changing area are being discussed and we are looking at other suggestions such as a community centre. We are working on short term improvements at South Park and are in discussion with the Council and local community groups regarding longer-term plans. Ideally this can begin before starting on site.

How much is being pledged?

BG – we are still carrying out options studies and the results of those will determine the values.

What about the Social Housing tenants just 24m from the shaft, what is being offered to them?

Trigger Action Plans (TAPs) are being discussed with residents on a one-to-one basis to provide mitigation against noise.

CLWG Carnwath Road Meeting Notes 5


A question was raised regarding store of spoil. How many movements to move the spoil? What about possible breakdown of the unloading facility?
BG - plans were in place to make sure we can manage in case this happened. Temporary storage would be arranged. Detailed plans have to be put into place to manage such eventualities.

Concerns were raised regarding issues of enormous uncertainly. Their building already has cracks from HGVs and the resident wanted an undertaking that a baseline structural survey will take place for vulnerable buildings. An article was quoted from the Camden New Journal about Crossrail accepting liability for cracking to estate homes. Resident wants an undertaking that all vulnerable buildings will be given a survey, inside and out:

BG - a baseline and post survey and settlement deeds would be carried out to those properties relevant along the line of the tunnel route. There are no plans to survey buildings on Wandsworth Bridge Road.

Carnwath House needs to be surveyed as all HGV’s will be turning right in front of it:

BG stated that they were looking to reduce HGVs, reduce the blind spot on the bridge / junction and were trying to do more by river.

A point was posed about the 90 HGV’s a day for 17 months:

BG – At least 50% of concrete segments will be brought in by river. Some tunnel segments will be bought in by road, but if they could increase river use, this level will come down.

A resident stated that the reason for not using Barn Elms was the argument that barges would not go through Putney Bridge. The River bus traffic/usage has gone up 300%. There will be a bottle neck behind Wandsworth Bridge and accidents will happen and will endanger lives:
BG – stated that Tideway is working with marine experts and investing in a marine centre to co- ordinate barge movements.

What about soil pollution from World War factory, what are results from soil pollution tests?

BG – some site investigation work has been carried out and more testing is planned. Tideway will put plans in action to mitigate any risks.

Cllr Lisa Holman said she will pass information on to the Leader of the Council. It is clear that communication is lacking from Thames. The CLWG is a small group. It is important at public meetings that people voice their concerns but we need to find a positive way forward for a small group. The group should involve everyone that is represented, including Council tenants. Good communication is needed going forward. We need to ensure that group is supported by Tideway:

BG - Tideway was happy to facilitate the group.

Where will the ventilation column be and what comes out of it?

BG – Treated air will come out of the ventilation column. It is filtered through carbon scrubbers/filters.

What about the long-term impact of the sewer? When will feasibility analysis be completed and why rush to start work at Easter when Tideway doesn’t have all the answers?
BG - sewage would be taken to Beckton Treatment Works, screened and treated before going back in to the River Thames. All detailed work, traffic planning, etc. is being undertaken and Tideway is happy to share this information in the New Year. The reason for wanting to start earlier is to start and finish as quickly as possible to start getting the benefits faster. We want to prevent pollution in the tidal River Thames.

Regarding the monitoring of the River Wall during excavation, is there a probability of collapse and possible flooding if it did collapse at high tide?

CLWG Carnwath Road Meeting Notes 6


BG – We are likely to be strengthening the river wall and considering flood defences.

A question was asked about a property which has cracking on window sills now. What guarantee is there that Tideway will not make this worse, what feasibility studies have been carried out?
BG - studies have been carried out. A baseline and post survey and settlement deeds would be carried out to those properties relevant along the line of the tunnel route.

The River Thames is the second cleanest in Europe. Why is there a need for the Tunnel? Will the increased barges not pollute the river more and need cleaning up afterwards?
BG – Millions of tonnes of sewage is now released in to the river each year. The Victorian sewers were not built for current capacity.

When completed, would there be any smell from the vent pipe, would it be filtered and treated and what is in it?
BG - there would not be a smell as air that is extracted goes through carbon filters.

Will there ever be an ‘eggy’ smell?

BG - typically the thing that causes odour is sulphur, which is characterised by the ‘egg’ smell. This is removed by carbon filters.

Can you guarantee there would be no smell?

BG – there are plans in place to put the air through carbon filters to eliminate any odour.

Why didn’t Tideway go for Green infrastructure?

BG – It would not have been possible to put enough in place to manage the issue, but Green Infrastructure is part of the solution.

Please can Tideway help the community gets what it deserves from the Section 106 money. Can you ensure you give our community what it deserves? Tideway needs to influence the council and local authority.

Chair acknowledged that one of the issues dominating the meeting was the impact on health. This impact may not be apparent but she encouraged everyone to keep a diary and update it with regard to how people are feeling with regard to colds / chest infections etc. ‘We are trying to set up a health monitoring scheme’.

Chair concluded that Tideway needs to provide more detail to questions. Issues will be discussed at length at further meetings.

Chair asked everyone at the meeting to ensure they were a part of the CLWG and that communication was essential. She again invited everyone to a get-together at Paggs restaurant on 7 December to discuss the issues that affect the community and to work together to hold Tideway to account.

Next Meeting Dates:


CLWG Carnwath Road Meeting Notes 7

Minutes Recorded - Monday 23rd November 2015
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