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Minutes Recorded - Thursday 17th March 2016

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting - Action Points and Matters Arising

AW started by saying the minutes should be an accurate record of the meeting, without post-minute notes as these are not a true reflection of the meeting. Any issues or actions raised at a meeting should be discussed at the following meeting. CS stated that they were intended to be helpful but confirmed that no post-meeting notes would be added to the minutes in future.

David McGinty (DM) wanted it noted that the last minutes were not a true reflection of the meeting. DM’s comments were noted.

DM also requested to receive a copy of the minutes from the recent Health Sub- Committee meeting. Action 1 – CS to send DM a copy of the minutes

LP proposed that a meeting is arranged with Tideway, in order to find a style of minutes that work for everybody without any animosity. LP noted that the minutes need to be sent out within two weeks of the meeting, so any actions can be progressed before the next meeting. Action 2 – Tideway to arrange meeting

RG asked if the meeting was being recorded and if so, this should have been announced at the start of the meeting. AR apologised and confirmed this meeting was indeed being recorded.

LP advised that his query (page 11 in the previous minutes), regarding whether the 250m buffer area included the luxury flats on the other side of the river did not receive any response. What action has been taken to alert them and what has their response been? Action 3 – Tideway to advise what action has been taken

JG referred to his point made at the previous meeting (page 9 in the previous minutes), regarding the site offices overlooking residents of Philpot Square and Carnwath Road. He wanted it known his concern was with regard to residents’ bedroom windows being overlooked by the site offices. RG confirmed that, although the site offices will be three or four storeys high, people will not be operating on the top floors at night. In addition, venetian blinds will be installed within the offices. If light pollution is a concern too, there will be light sensitive switches installed, so any lights will not be left on. JG advised this concern is imminent. BG confirmed that a meeting would be set up to discuss this issue. Action 4 – Tideway to set up meeting

TP asked if Tideway has planning permission to put three or four-storey offices at the site. BG advised yes

3. Noise and Dust Monitoring Including a Noise Presentation by Sue Thomas, Noise

& Vibration Advisor, Tideway

ST advised she had met with the Health Sub-Committee the previous day and answered their questions

As well as a slide presentation, ST provided an acoustic demonstration, which showed how sound diminishes with distance, i.e. the measurement taken close to a motor running in the meeting room gave a reading of 82 decibels, whereas this reduced to 73 decibels when the same motor was across the other end of the room. The demonstration also showed that, by turning on an extra motor, the sound increased by only two or three decibels, rather than doubling.

With regard to the level of sound, ST confirmed the aim is to keep this below 75 decibels

in the day, 65 decibels in the evening and 55 decibels during the night. During the night,

if the sounds goes above 55 decibels, this is when sound insulation would be offered

ST confirmed that Tideway and its contractors must work to British Standards and Tideway has a Code of Construction Practice that it must adhere to, which also commits the project to installing structural noise enclosures. All works at the tunnelling phase will be enclosed within acoustic sheds, which will reduce the noise by approximately 20 decibels. Tideway would also have an approved Noise & Vibration Management Plan in place by that time.

It was asked if the material handling area will be enclosed too. Tideway confirmed this will be the case on three sides.

ST also advised that the project needs to submit a Section 61 application to the every six to12 months, setting out the method statement, plant list, noise calculations, mitigation measures and construction monitoring locations.

ST advised that all work at night will take place within an enclosure. It was asked what the maximum sound would be within the enclosure. ST confirmed the Environmental Statement confirms there will be a maximum of one hour at a level of 54 decibels DM asked if this sound included lorry movement and barges. ST confirmed that all work outside the shed would comply with ES limits.

ST confirmed the noise monitoring readings are averaged out over a one-hour period during the night and over a ten-hour period in the day. This creates a more onerous noise trigger to reassure residents.

DM had concerns about sound bouncing off the river and affecting the residents across the river. This was noted. DM confirmed he had received the Trigger Action Plan but was worried it was too late. ST confirmed that the work that necessitates the TAP cannot start until the TAP has been fully installed and therefore it was not too late

ST confirmed the TAPs will consist of secondary glazing, ventilation (due to windows remaining closed), blinds to prevent heat build-up in the summer, plus proposed acrylic screens along the edge of the river wall to help reduce the noise of loading and unloading barges.

ST added that residents who feel they may be affected could apply for TAPs under Tideway’s ‘special case’ category, which will be referred to the Independent Compensation Panel (ICP) to determine the appropriate mitigation for the individual’s circumstances. CS advised that residents can send their ‘special cases’ requests directly to him. A meeting would then be set up within a week, the application put to the ICP, with a very quick turnaround. CS confirmed that no ‘special case’ application have been received as yet.

ST mentioned that people can call Tideway’s 24/7 Helpdesk - 08000 30 80 80 if the work becomes too noisy. The Helpdesk staff can then liaise with the site immediately.

AR requested that a copy of ST’s noise presentation be made available to those who could not attend today. Action 5 – Tideway to upload copy of presentation to website

AB expressed concern about the impact of sub-sonic noise on health. ST acknowledged her concern and advised the construction equipment that will be used is standard and she is not aware of any sub-sonic noise, however, all noise will be monitored. ST suggested that AB speaks to CS after the meeting. CS provided AB with a card and awaits her response.

It was asked if the ‘special case’ TAP was open to anybody or just those living on Carnwath Road CLWG Meeting Minutes
Page 4 of 8

Carnwath Road. CS advised anybody in the area who believes they will be affected, can apply for a ‘special case’.

There was a concern that the construction noise will be continuous, whereas currently the baseline noise is intermittent (traffic, etc). Is there a set of standards by which work will have to cease if limits are exceeded? CS confirmed that within the DCO there is a table on page 89 (within Section 3) which sets out the limits which must be adhered to with regard to noise (below 75 decibels in the day, 65 decibels in the evening and 55 decibels during the night). If these levels are exceeded, alerts will be triggered and corrective action will be taken immediately. The local authority will be scrutinising Tideway’s Section 61 application.

GG asked how far the location of the predicted noise levels were measured. CS advised the predicted noise levels were measured a distance of one metre away from the outside of the building/receptor.

SY of London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham commented that ST’s noise presentation reflected well and that sound can often be misunderstood. SY assured the group that she will be protecting residents and ensuring Tideway adheres to its restrictions.

BG reiterated the fact that Tideway’s 24/7 Helpdesk - 08000 30 80 80 is available to report any noise related issues, day or night. If the noise is within the limits but is irritating residents can either call the Helpdesk or visit the site in order to have the issue resolved there and then. This is the quickest way of dealing with such an issue.

DM mentioned a request from the Health Sub-Committee for more noise and air monitors. AR advised this was an issue for the Health Sub-Committee.

4. Sub-Committees to Report Back


TW-S advised he received the document entitled ‘CARRR8’ from Tideway and the group has made reasonably good progress, although he is still concerned that the interim fix at the Wandsworth Bridge Road and Carnwath Road junction (to reduce three lanes to two) will cause HGVs to swing out into the road. CS informed the group that Tideway’s interim proposal for the junction will actually prevent HGVs from swinging out into the road, as they will in fact be moved into the middle of the road. LP mentioned the drawings with CARRR8 show differently. CS to discuss with TW-S after the meeting to resolve. Action 6 – Tideway and TW-S to agree a process


AR advised this sub-committee now has a leader but the group needs to meet up with the other people concerned.

Legacy and Hoardings

TP advised nothing to report. JP has proposed a meeting on 23 March to discuss hoardings and artwork

RG advised he had held a meeting with Alex Schniewind (AS).

GG mentioned that she believed St Thomas’s School is having some monitors installed as agreed by Tideway and wanted to know why Hugon Road is not having any extra installed. RG showed GG a plan of where all the monitors are and confirmed no monitors are being put at St Thomas’s School.

  1. 5.Tideway Progress Report

BG informed the group that, following the request to produce a 50-page layman’s version of the DCO, a 52-page document had been prepared – the Construction Logistics Plan. The document details vehicle movements, working hours, etc. BG then introduced the two authors of the document to the group:

  1. Rob Merchant, Logistics Manager for Tideway

  2. Kyle White, Traffic Manager, Tideway West
    BG added the document is also available on the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham’s planning portal. In addition, there is now a direct link from the Carnwath Road Riverside page on Tideway’s website to the planning portal mentioned above.
    BG handed over the RG who picked out the key elements from the document.
    DM asked whether Tideway had permission to carry out work on the river wall. RG confirmed the river wall needs to be reinforced and permission has to be granted from the PLA and the Environment Agency The DCO gives outline permission but Tideway will submit detailed plans in order to get the permissions granted.
    DM expressed concern about the river wildlife and asked if Tideway had considered the ecological impact on the river foreshore. BG explained the consideration given to this issue and described the £3 million commitment by Tideway to improve the Wandle. These improvements include removing the Half Tide Weir and removing the build-up of silt behind this structure.
    DM questioned the carbon footprint of the project. CS advised a sustainability assessment was carried out as part of the DCO, which can be provided to DM if required. Tideway has to match a number of performance indicators set out in this sustainability assessment, such as use of waste, sustainable materials, etc. Action 7 & 8 – CS to send documents to DM and Tideway to contact DM re: his concerns
    GG advised that she was told by Tideway that Carnwath Road Riverside was chosen over Barn Elms as a jetty would have had to be built at Barn Elms. CS advised it was always the intention to have to build a jetty and that this was one reason but not the only reason.
    LP stated there was an inconsistency between the CARRR8 document which mentions no barge or lorry movements in the first year (so assumed this was because the jetty was being built) and tonight’s slides, which show barges at the site within the first 12 months. Why can there not be more barge movements in that first year? BG advised one of the first activities after setting up the site is to carry out field investigations, which will finalise the design to strengthen the river wall. The river wall needs to be strengthened before any barge movements can begin, which means road-based deliveries initially. From September 2016, barge deliveries may be possible. BG confirmed approval was received today to Tideway’s ‘more by river’ proposals.
    AW asked if Tideway can advise when the air monitoring was done. BG advised it is carried out over a 12-month period starting in May 2015. Click here for DEFRA’s information on UK & EU Air Quality Limits.

  3. 6.BG also advised a useful website is, where you can enter your postcode and check the levels of pollutants on your road
    AW questioned whether work should be taking place on site if the DCO stipulates that it
    should be carried out for 12 months prior to work starting. CS advised site investigation which is currently taking place, is not included as part of site preparation or the main construction work

BG confirmed that main permanent works will not commence until July 2016. The site is currently run by Thames Water and Tideway is accessing the site to carry out this investigation work. Tideway will take over site in May 2016.

A resident asked if the other 16 developments in the area have been taken into account as part of the air monitoring. BG advised the baseline results are a reality of what is currently taking place. CS confirmed that when the baseline monitoring finishes in May 2016, Tideway will then produce monthly monitoring reports which will be sent to the Council. A non-technical version of these monthly reports will be sent to KS, Leader of the Health Sub-Committee.

TP noted that up to 34 exceedances of the air pollution limit can occur each year and wanted to know what happens on the 35th occasion. EF, of London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, confirmed that, whilst Tideway cannot be responsible for all of London’s air pollution incidents, if Tideway exceeds their air quality limits on site, the site manager would have to take action immediately, which may mean stopping work until the issue is resolved. EF mentioned most air pollution is from the roads (diesel vehicles) and that the air pollution from construction sites is less in comparison to that from road transport. BG advised the tunnel boring machines (TBMs) are electric, along with most of the site machinery.

CS confirmed a Construction Logistics Plan was submitted to the Council on Monday 14 March in draft form. The Council and any members of the public have three weeks to comment. The Council then sends any comments to Tideway and another consultation period follows, after which the plan will either be approved or refused. Any comments should go via the Council or the relevant Sub-Committee - click here to view the document and provide any comments. BG added Tideway will always gladly explain the contents of the document and bring a relevant team member to the meeting, however any comments do need to go via the Council.

A resident asked if their understanding was correct in that all the tunnel segments would be delivered by river and all spoil would be removed by river. BG advised the DCO commits the project to removing at least 90% of spoil by river and it is our intention to now deliver 100% of segments by river. Tideway is aspiring to achieve 100% for both. The DCO does, however, allow for unforeseen circumstances, e.g: fog on the river, which would mean the use of lorries temporarily. Tideway would have to find a balance in these circumstances, as work cannot be stopped for weeks at a time as it costs money and increases the project duration.

It was asked if four monitors were put up on Wandsworth Bridge Road recently. KW

advised these were traffic monitors, set up to count the number of vehicles passing ! through. This was also carried out on 24 September 2015

6. Any Other Business

TW-S said there needs to be a process for the release, access and subsequent responses relating to Tideway’s documents, with no jargon. Tideway agreed to look into this. Action 9 – CS to discuss CARRR8 document with TW-S

DM stated he has still not received his apology letter, which was supposed to be sent to 1-3 Carnwath Road. The delay was acknowledged by Tideway and BG advised he signed the letters and JP put these in the post last week. CS mentioned that DM now has the TAP, as he had shown it to CS.

AW said he believed the Tideway team has been as open as possible tonight and thinks Tideway has made a great effort to explain things as best as possible. AW feels tonight has been an improvement on Tideway’s part, great progress has been made and hopes this keeps up over the coming years.

DM forcefully objected to the project. His objection was noted.

DM requested that Tideway provides funding for advice and printing. write a piece and send it to Pauline Lyle-Smith (PL-S), CRC.

AR advised DM to

DT wanted to publicly thank everybody for taking the time to attend these meetings and is overawed by the passion displayed by people, which has ultimately resulted in the successful junction improvement scheme, which is a win for the CLWG. He wanted the group to understand what a competent, professional team is working on this project and wanted Tideway and the CLWG to continue to work together.

7. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 28 April. Venue: St Matthews Church


  1. 1.CS tos end DM a copyoftheminutes fromthe recent HealthSub-Committee meeting

  2. 2.Tideway to arrange a meeting to discuss a style of minutes that works for all

  3. 3.Tideway to advise what action has been taken regarding advising the residents on
    the opposite side of the river about our work and what has been their response

  4. 4.Tideway to arrange a meeting to discuss the issue of the site office windows
    overlooking residential apartments

  5. 5.Tideway to upload a copy of ST’s noise presentation onto Tideway website

  6. 6.Tideway and TW-S to agree a process for release and access to Tideway documents

  7. 7.CS to send a copy of the Sustainability Assessment documents to DM

  8. 8.Tideway to speak to DM directly about his concerns

  9. 9.CS to discuss CARRR8 drawings with TW-S

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