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2.Minutes of meeting 13 June action points & approval

2.1Actions from 13 June:

Action 1:  Patrick Kelly (PK) confirmed he investigated whether noise monitor results could be available on a weekly basis and advised it has been agreed with the Health sub-group for the results to be available on a monthly basis.

Action 2:  Gloria Guy (GG) advised she has not yet provided the names and addresses of residents living on the south side of the river.

Action 3:  Jodi-Ann Pastorino (JAP) confirmed number of properties in the 250m distribution area as 1,625.

Action 4:  David McGinty (DM) advised he has not emailed soil analysis questions to Tideway and will go into further detail later in the meeting.

Action 5: PK provided figures for how many HGVs use Wandsworth Bridge (please see below).

Action 6: PK explained he has provided the Traffic sub-group with detailed figures for how many HGVs will use Carnwath Road (please see below). 

Action 7: PK and Mark Harrison (MH) provided figures from the traffic survey to the Traffic sub-group (please see below). 

PK advised action points 5, 6 and 7 have been discussed with the Traffic sub-group and queries have been answered.

Anthony Williams (AW) said the survey carried out in September 2015 (that looked at vehicle movements on Carnwath Road) has two measurements. He explained the measurements were vehicle movements to and from site and movements east and west on Carnwath Road, however there was a discrepancy with HGV vehicles.

MH explained there were 184 HGV movements between 7am and 7pm on one day in September 2015, when the survey was carried out. MH advised the discrepancy was other vehicle movements from different developments in the area, as well as HGV movements from Jewson’s yard.

AW asked whether there will be substantial movement from Jewson’s Yard, in addition to Tideway’s movements.  MH explained that what residents see on Carnwath Road now will be very similar to when work begins.

DM asked how many more vehicles will be brought into the area when work commences.  MH answered either less than or equal to what is currently on site.  MH said Tideway does not anticipate any more vehicles and this will be monitored.  MH also explained that every vehicle is checked every day and Tideway has very stringent rules.

Tim Prager (TP) asked if another traffic survey could take place to compare with the results from September 2015, as this would help answer questions before work commences.  Chris Stratford (CS) said the issue of another proposed survey should be raised through the Traffic sub-group, but was considered unnecessary, but possible.

Action 8: Tideway included a link to the traffic survey information and a copy of the slide with the minutes.

Action 9: Tideway included a link to the Tideway update presentation with the minutes.

Action 10: PK confirmed the request for air quality levels to be put into a non-technical summary for residents has been discussed and will be available on a monthly basis from September 2016.

Action 11: CS advised two emails have been sent to DM asking for further questions relating to carbon footprint but no response has been received.

Action 12: DM advised PK has spoken to him about his concerns and he will go into further detail later in the meeting.

2.2AW requested to no longer be noted as a member of the Carnwath Road Coalition on the meeting minute attendee list, and should now be noted just as PRARA.

Action 1: JM to update AW’s record on the CLWG meeting attendee list and remove Carnwath Road Coalition.

2.3AW asked if attendees could say their name when asking a question or raising an issue, to help the minute taker.

3Tideway update/including report from Community Liaison Officer (Patrick Kelly)

3.1PK presented an update on what will be occurring in the project during July, August and September.

Action 2: JM to include a link to the Tideway presentation with the minutes.

3.2PK provided an overview of the Carnwath Road and Wandsworth Bridge Road roadworks, due to begin on 22 July. PK advised some night work will take place between 9pm – 5am but this is not anticipated to be disruptive.  Daytime works will take place between 8am – 6pm.

3.3DM asked if pedestrian safety measures will be in place.  PK advised safety measures will be in place but he is currently awaiting final details.  PK said having two lanes instead of three is considered by all relevant authorities to make the junction safer.

Tideway stressed a lot of development is taking place in the area and London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) is investigating how to make the junction safer.

Ann Rosenberg (AR) informed this is LBHF and TfL’s responsibility and not necessarily Tideway’s.

3.4PK provided an update on the Community Art Gallery on the hoardings and the South Park Development. PK advised a meeting is scheduled for Thursday 21 July to move the Community Art Gallery forward. 

3.5Tom Lane (TL) provided a Hurlingham Academy update and said BMB Tideway West will support Hurlingham Academy over the next two years by funding the appointment of a teacher to deliver a Design Engineer Construct syllabus.

TL also advised the ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ workshop took place on 7 July with Year 11 students and initial discussions are working towards Work Experience placements for Hurlingham Academy students next year.

3.6PK explained what his role is and how he can help residents.  PK advised he wants to develop Tideway’s relationship with residents and has been liaising with community groups and schools to find out how Tideway can give back to the community.


4.1Health:  AR advised no Health sub-group report would take place as Kirstin Sittard has sent her apologies.

4.2Traffic:  Lance Pierson (LP) advised that the sub-group has been briefed by Tideway on derogation and said it means “what will happen if and when Tideway cannot move specified materials by river”.  LP said the sub-group is grateful that Tideway will include moving the concrete segments by barge, which is over and above its DCO obligations.

LP explained there is a list of 100 reasons why Tideway cannot carry out all movements by river.  Some of these reasons include fog, damage to jetty, barge breakdown or an incident on the river.  LP advised Tideway does not expect this to happen more than six times a year.  LP revealed Rob Merchant is unwilling to publish the list of 100 reasons but has agreed to show the list to him. LP advised he has not yet seen the list.

TP asked why the list of 100 reasons cannot be revealed and has asked CS to investigate.

Action 3: CS to investigate whether the derogation reason list can be shown to members of the CLWG.

LP said the best way for residents to find out about changes to road/river movements is via email updates.  LP explained Tideway has indicated it would prefer to contact the Traffic sub-group, which would then pass the information on to those who opt in to email updates. The Traffic sub-group is not happy with this and has asked Tideway to send the emails.  LP stated this has not yet been agreed.

4.3LP explained that phase one of the road works on the Carnwath Road/Wandsworth Bridge Road junction will begin on 22 July and will take seven days.  LP stated the work is starting two and a half months after the initial date set and the responsibility for this is Tideway and LBHF.  LP advised attendees to contact Tom Wills-Sandford, Head of the Traffic sub-group, with any queries or concerns.

4.4DM said he would like to see Tideway make sure pedestrian safety features are in place before the roadworks begin.  AR advised this question should be put forward to the Traffic sub-group.

4.5TP asked LP for the Traffic sub-group to consider another traffic movement survey on Wandsworth Bridge Road.  LP advised this was discussed at the last Traffic sub-group meeting and he will take this forward.

Action 4: LP to raise the question of another traffic movement survey with Traffic sub group.

4.6Hugh Roberts (HR) asked why the Traffic sub-group and Tideway has accepted the work on the junction will take place before LBHF know what date its works will commence.  HR said both Tideway works and LBHF and TfL works need to be carried out in conjunction with each other as the junction is unsafe. HR asked AR to put pressure on the Council leader as this needs to be done.

CS advised there are three stages to the roadworks and reiterated Tideway work starts on 22 July (this is the first stage).  CS said Tideway is not responsible for the safety of the junction outside of its works and this would be LBHF’s responsibility.   The second stage is LBHF pedestrian phase work and it plans to carry out these works at the end of the year.  CS said he has not been advised when the third stage of roadworks will take place and this may be several years ahead.

LP advised the Traffic sub-group will express the concerns and advise of its unhappiness that the roadworks will be over a staggered period.  LP advised that the Traffic sub-group was extremely unhappy to have been told by LBHF the junction between Wandsworth Bridge Road and Carnwath Road is the 21st most dangerous junction in the borough.

DM asked if a letter can be sent to LBHF to express the community’s concerns and to also establish that it would be LBHF’s responsibility if there was a fatality.  AR said the Traffic sub-group will take this on board and will send a letter.

Action 5: Traffic sub-group to send a letter to LBHF to express concerns regarding the staggered roadworks programme for the junction of Wandsworth Bridge Road/Carnwath Road.

4.7Danny Trup (DT) advised that Tideway met with Greg Hands MP, along with Tom Wills-Sandford and Julie Lane regarding the roadworks and the number one issue has always been the safety of the community.  DT said LBHF is working incredibly hard to improve the junction’s safety and that is because of the good work of the community who have pushed for this.

4.8Councillor Robert Largan (RL) said Tideway is doing what it is responsible for and it is down to the community to lobby for LBHF’s works to be brought forward before the end of the year.  RL confirmed he is happy to liaise with LBHF to express the CLWG’s concerns.

4.9Jonathan Gardner (JG) expressed concern that three lanes will go down to two and would like LBHF to reconsider.  RL explained experts have investigated and have said the proposed plans will make the junction safer.

MH advised he has been involved in the Tideway Cycle Scheme and explained one misconception is cyclists will be pushed onto the road.  MH advised the road is being made wider and cyclists have to join at the planned point.  MH said Tideway has looked at a transition where cyclists join the carriageway at 90 degrees to make it safer.

AR explained that by the time of the next CLWG, the community will have experience of the new junction and should have a better understanding as to whether it is more or less safe.

4.10CS said that before Tideway’s main works begin, it is hoped that two temporary pedestrian crossings will be in place on Carnwath Road. The location of the crossings can be circulated.

Action 6: JM to circulate the location of the temporary crossings on Carnwath Road with the minutes.

4.11Property:  AR advised no Property sub-group report would take place as Nigel Carrier sent his apologies.

4.12WBT:  No WBT sub-group report took place.

4.13CRC (local employment):  TP explained how the suggestions of the community have been adopted and the work of TL has been exemplary. TP advised Hurlingham Academy will have a Design Technology teacher next year who will be funded for a year and a half by Tideway.  TP said Hurlingham Academy’s student roll is 380 but the academy can hold 800 and the proactive approach taken by TL and Tideway could potentially help increase the roll.

4.14Legacy / Hoardings:  TP explained the plans for the South Park redevelopment are ongoing and a meeting took place last week to solidify a contribution and a way forward.  TP said he hopes for toilets, changing rooms and a café at South Park and thanked Tideway for its generous contribution, as it will have a positive community impact for many years.

4.15Environment:  DM advised a meeting took place with Elizabeth Fonseca (EF) and Tideway to discuss the processes used to examine soil and it was confirmed the process complied with industry standards.  DM said he would like to see a zero level of pollution and would like to see this project achieve excellence.  DM praised Tideway and said the monitoring has been very good and everything done so far has been very professional.

4.16DM advised he had a query about noise and was advised that the noise monitors had now been changed over from Tideway’s original monitors to monitors which are managed by their new long term contractors. The type of monitor is the same. DM also confirmed that two dust deposition pads have been put up – one on the east and one on the west of the site as promised at the previous Health sub group meeting. DM said he wanted it noted that he will accept this.

4.17DM asked to see the noise monitoring data ASAP.  PK advised that the data, when available, will go to LBHF first.

4.18DM said magnetic anomalies were also discussed at the meeting with EF and Tideway and he does not feel like an answer was provided.  DM stressed the magnetic anomalies make him feel insecure and he wants this issue established and dealt with in case of any harm to workers or members of the community.

Scott McFadzen (SM) said Tideway has engaged with a UXO specialist and the next step will be to carry out further probes to determine a clearer picture of the magnetic anomalies.  SM said it is very unlikely the anomalies are UXBs but will investigate to find out as Tideway takes all magnetic anomalies very seriously.

SM said the UXO specialists have started initial investigations and these will continue.  A desk-top study is the first stage of the investigation.

DM asked if the UXO specialists will carry out a study on site.  SM replied the specialists will advise Tideway and investigate accordingly.

5Questions to Tideway - sub-groups & CLWG representatives

5.1TP asked whether the schedule on PK’s earlier presentation is correct.  CS advised that it was correct.

5.2TP asked whether LBHF will make sure the noise of the concrete crusher does not exceed the set limits.  Somayya Yaqub (SY) advised there is an approved Section 61 to make sure Tideway does not exceed the limits and regular monitoring will be carried out.

5.3TP asked if the acoustic shed will be in place in time for the piling work explained in the presentation.  CS advised it will not.

TP asked if the piling will disturb the community in the same way it has done at Chambers Wharf.  CS advised the piling work at Chambers Wharf is of a completely different type to the piling at Carnwath Road.  SM explained that less disruptive auger piling will take place at Carnwath Road Riverside.

6Questions from residents

6.1GG said she has noticed a large hole near the fence of the Carnwath Road Riverside site and has been advised that some residents in the flats have experienced increased activity by rats, mice and flies.

MH said the hole was dug last week and will be used to take the power cables into the site.  He explained the infestation would not be because of the hole.  MH said Tideway has traps set up around the site which get checked once or twice a month.  These checks show that no vermin have been found on site.

6.2SY asked GG to provide her contact details so a site visit can be arranged to show the pest control that is in place.

6.3TP wanted to know if an online bulletin board could be set up. This would allow the community to note any issues they have, such as noise, etc. He said the board would allow Tideway to find out what problems are occurring so they could be dealt with in a quick and easy manner. TP said both Tideway and LBHF would be able to access this board to allow them to post responses. PK advised he will look into whether this is possible.

SY said the Bulletin Board would not help LBHF as it needs to know what complaints are received via Tideway’s 24-hour Helpdesk.  AR suggested that if the Bulletin Board was to be introduced, can a message be included to remind the community to also contact LBHF or Tideway’s Helpdesk.

Action 7: PK to investigate whether an online bulletin board can be introduced.


7.1DM referred back to item 4.4 in the previous CLWG minutes and said residents were told a holding area for lorries would be established.  DM has previously asked Tideway where the holding area is.  Tideway advised all deliveries will have a booked slot. If a vehicle arrives on site outside of its allocated time, there is a holding area inside the site which can accommodate two to three vehicles.  If there is not space, the vehicle will be turned away.

7.2DM said the concrete crusher will be tipping into an open container at one end of the site and asked Tideway what it will do to minimise dust.  SM said Tideway will spray the crusher and the stock pile of material with water mist to prevent dust being blown into the borough.

7.3HR asked LP to raise a point with the Traffic sub-group that the community had an unsatisfactory response from LBHF regarding loading and unloading deliveries.  HR is concerned as traffic will increase over the next five to seven years.

7.4AR advised that going forward, an additional meeting will take place. This will be a pre-CLWG meeting for all sub-groups. This will allow the sub-groups to discuss what has taken place throughout the month. 

AR said this will make the main CLWG meeting slicker as any concerns raised can be addressed.  AR stated the key agenda points will then be covered at the CLWG by 8pm and between 8pm and 9pm residents can raise further issues.  AR said the first Steering Group meeting will take place on Monday 5 September, followed by the CLWG on Monday 12 September.

7.5JG said he feels like the community’s anger and worry is not being heard and a green route should be permitted.  TP proposed a Green Route sub group should be set up with JG as the sub-group leader.  This was agreed by AR and JG.

8Date of next meeting

Monday 12 September. Venue: St Matthews Church.


  1. 1.JM to update AW’s record on the CLWG meeting attendee list and remove Carnwath Road Coalition. Deadline: 5 August 2016

  2. 2.JM to include a link to the Tideway presentation with the minutes. Deadline: 5 August 2016

  3. 3.CS to investigate whether the derogation reason list can be shown to members of the CLWG. Deadline: next traffic sub group meeting

  4. 4.LP to raise the question of another traffic movement survey with the Traffic sub-group. Deadline: next Traffic sub group meeting

  5. 5.Traffic sub-group to send a letter to LBHF to express concerns regarding the staggered road works programme for the junction of Wandsworth Bridge Road/ Carnwath Road. Deadline: next Traffic sub group meeting

  6. 6.JM to circulate the location of the temporary crossings on Carnwath Road with the minutes. Deadline: 5 August 2016

  7. 7.PK to investigate whether an online Bulletin Board can be introduced. Deadline: 12 August 2015

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